Milna is located on the western side of the island of Brač and the Venetians called it “Valle di mille navi” (the bay of a thousand ships). It is famous by its marvellous bay, where the ships of the emperor Diocletian have found a safe harbour during the construction of his palace in Split.

Milna is still considered the most beautiful and the safest harbour on the island of Brač. Milna has irresistible charm of Dalmatian “small town” adorned by a beautiful Baroque church with a typical Dalmatian bell tower. The interior of the church is rich with valuable paintings of Venetian artists.

In the centre of the Milna there is a modern equipped marina with a large number of berths for safe stay and service for yachtsmen. Today Milna is known as a tourist centre and a favourite nautical harbour. The place abounds with pebble and rocky beaches with pine trees for a pleasant rest in hot summer days. The crystal clear sea makes this area extremely attractive for swimming, diving, sailing and fishing.

During the summer in Milna there are numerous cultural events as well as festivities of which the most famous is the "Fishermen's Festivity" where you can try different local delicacies and enjoy the singing of local “klapas”.

Besides historical and cultural sites, Milna offers a variety of healthy Mediterranean cuisine rich with fresh fish, top quality olive oil and local wines.